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Solution for food and drink storage

 Solution for food and drink industry:maximise your available space
Our range of solutions is versatile to suit your specific storage needs and help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Adjustable racking

The versatility of this adjustable pallet racking system means you can easily assemble a single- or double-deep configuration,

  • Heights of up to 30m
  • Variable depths & widths
  • Suitable for storage of all kinds of Food & Drink
  • 50mm beam height adjustment
  • Operational temperature from -30°C to +40°C
  • Galvanized finish prevents rust, even at low temperatures

Depending on your warehouse layout, a range of aisle widths maximise your available space. Racking is not generally subject to any restrictions in layout and provides accessibility at all times to your goods.

Frozen Food storage

Cold storage warehouses are essential in the food industry, both for storing frozen food products and for keeping perishable items fresh.

  • Dense storage reduces the amount of space required to chill – cutting your running costs
  • Automated solutions reduce picking-time in chilled areas
  • Galvanised finish prevents rusting – even with condensation issues
  • Operational temperatures down to -30°C
  • Opportunity to reduce the footprint of your food-storage area

Mobile Pallet Racking

Cold store environments can be costly to run, so a dense storage solution is usually required. Mobile Pallet Racking offers an ideal answer to this challenge and is commonly used in the Food & Drink Industry.

  • Maximise floor space
  • Get access to individual Food & Drink pallets
  • Achieve greater flexibility for various Food & Drink products
  • Accommodate various pallet sizes & weights
  • Requires only one truck aisle
  • A temperature range between -30°C and +40°C

First-In, First-Out storage – for fresh Food & Drink storage

If your goods have a high turnover, then Pallet or Carton Flow ensures your product batches are shipped out in the correct order.

  • Use up to 60% less floor space than conventional racking
  • Ensure better traceability of your Food & Drink batches
  • FIFO load and retrieval – requiring only two aisles
  • Handle goods quickly to prevent spoilage
  • Gravity-fed rollers deliver goods to the front pick face – with no automation required
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