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Amplify Warehouse Operations Using The Best Stacking Racks

Amplify Warehouse Operations Using The Best Stacking Racks

Jul 20,2021

A stacking pallet is a metal product that is used to stack products safely. Most product stored on wooden pallets is unable to stack due to the weights involved. A stacking pallet rack allows the pallet to be sat on the pallet base, which can then be stacked up to 4 – 6 high.


Other than that, the stacking pallet is designed to move around the warehouse to fit whatever configuration you need. They also make excellent permanent structures that can be used in shipping to protect every product.


Our Products’ Stackable Storage Racks are the versatile answer to your ever-changing storage, handling, or transporting needs, allowing materials to move through your entire production process all on the same rack. Our stack racks can fit even irregularly shaped components that can’t normally be stacked. The vertical poles allow units to be stacked up to six high without causing product crush damage by preventing load-on-load contact.


Stackable racks keep your cargo safe while being handled, stacked, and shipped. We exclusively provide more excellent stacking stability over wooden pallets while maintaining weight capabilities. Portable racks may also be removed for easy and compact storage when not in use. Accordingly, our design experts have also designed solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including wire coils, automobile parts, tires, textiles, and more.

There are different types of storage facilities in different industries. Here we’d like to share some with you.

What benefits does a business get?

Reduced transport costs

With our metal products, every business can achieve considerable savings on storage and transportation costs. This only means that you can transport more pallets at the same time. The pallet stacking racks have removable arms that eliminate storage space when not in use and lower freight cost by returning more empty frames.


Simplified logistics

The stacking pallet is made to stacking more comfortably and stable. Every operation can be simplified because of the enormous key benefits it contains. Aside from that, this metal product only needs one person handling. This means that it is quick to assemble and install with simple steps.


Your business needs a stacking pallet!

Most importantly, the stacking pallet helps streamline the operation and logistics process in every facility. The containers are also an effective way to ship products and materials to customers.


With so many different material handling options and services to consider, business owners can find the best match stacking pallet racks to improve their supply chain costs, speed rate, and drive further efficiencies and economies.

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