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Targeted Solutions for Rubber Industries

Targeted Solutions for Rubber Industries

June 28,2021
The rubber industry is one of the important basic industries of the national economy. It not only provides people with daily-use, medical, and other light industrial rubber products that are indispensable for daily life, but also provides various rubber production equipment or rubber parts for heavy industries and emerging industries such as mining, transportation, construction, machinery, and electronics. It can be seen that the rubber industry has a wide range of products, and the related industries are very broad.

The rubber industry developed with the automobile industry. The rapid development of the automobile industry and petrochemical industry in the 1960s greatly improved the production level of the rubber industry. In the 1970s, in order to meet the needs of automobiles for high speed, safety, and energy conservation, elimination of pollution, and prevention of public hazards, Promote the constant appearance of new varieties of tires. Raw rubber consumption occupies a considerable proportion in transportation.
Many rubber products are used in the medical and health sector, and rubber products are also used as accessories for medical equipment and instruments. Rubber is not only used for medical treatment and hygiene, but also for storing fruits and vegetables.

So, how to solve the storage of rubber? You can use our new product galvanized steel box.

The galvanized containers are collapsible, stackable, and nestable. Constructed to ensure protection against shocks and contaminants, they are also quick, easy, and safe to set up and knock down by a single individual. The galvanized steel container helps global producers improve supply chain efficiencies, lower costs and achieve HACCP by eliminating wood contamination.

1-Rugged, returnable, and reusable
2-Zero wood and plastic contamination
3-Hygienic and food safe
4-Standard and custom solutions
5-Reusable, environmentally friendly – Sustainable
6-Economic: Unit design = lower raw material storage CAPEX
7-Safe: Set-up, knock-down by a single individual in seconds
9-4 stoppable sides
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