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JP Series Wire Container Introduction

JP Series Wire Container Introduction

June 17,2021
The main product I introduce to you is wire mesh containers, we have the W series and L series. These series products are mainly designed for the Japanese market, and this is our W series standard size. (dimension size, wire gauge, grid size, loading capacity). the main material we used is mild steel q235. it is widely used in agricultural, warehouse, logistics, recycling, and so on. as you can see, it consist of 4 latches, and a half-open door design, so when your cages are full and are stacked, the door can be opened, convenient to put in or take out items, and a spring rigging, the spring rigging is connected in the middle of the door, so will be easy to fold it. it has 4 square cup foot, special supporting leg structure for secure stacking. this is the L series, it is similar to the w series, the big difference is the size of the gird is different so the loading capacity is different. we also have 3 types of surface finish, hot-dip galvanized, electro-zinc, and powder coating. different surface finish can apply in different use environment like if you choose HDG, the containers can be used in cold storage and last for a long time, it is up to you, we are welcome OEM and ODM. If you choose powder coating surface finish, can help you save more cost because we have our own powder coating line and you can customize what color you want, just show us the color number.
We also provide other designs, you can add pp sheet inside, forklift guide, it will be easily turned over or moved around by forklift, you can add runner bar, castors, we also provide PP and PU two kinds of material for castors, so you can choose what kind of material you would like. we also provide a U frame and top lid. 

The main features of our products are foldable, durable, and stackable. it can be folded when you are not in use, easy to return, it can help you increase your warehouse storage, all of our containers can stack for up to 4 highs, so can help you save 4 times space. we guarantee our products can be used for up to 5 years, helping you save a lot of money.
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