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A good way to store textiles, fabric, carpet

A good way to store textiles, fabric, carpet

Dec 24,2020

These textile stackable racks are a great way to increase your warehouse space for fabric, carpet, carpet padding, or other textile roll products. They can be loaded directly on the stack rack from the assembly line, and then stored in your warehouse or staging area. These racks will reduce your labor costs and eliminate damages while making storage and receiving a breeze. Since these racks are portable, they can be loaded directly onto a truck for delivery without having to remove the product from the rack.

Textile and fabric rolls are large and heavy, and they can be really inefficient to store. Textile and fabric stack racks get these rolls off the floor to help you maximize your floor space.

Because the rolls are heavy, they can be difficult to move and to access. Textile and fabric racks make it easy to quickly access materials without strain or struggle. These types of fabric storage racks improve safety by preventing accidents and injuries from transporting heavy rolls.

Textile racks also improve organization in the warehouse because they make it possible to see it inventory at a glance without digging through piles or unloading the rack. They save time and boost efficiency.

What are the advantages of textile stackable racks?

· Stacking Racks gives you flexibility and versatility in your warehouse/distribution center. Obtain maximum storage density and efficiency.

· If your company has seasonal peaks and valleys, you cadn reconfigure your warehouse storage capacity when your storage needs change.

· Multiple pallet locations can be moved at one time.

· Stacking Racks assemble quickly and easily, and disassemble & break down for easy storage when not in use.
· They are great for Bulk Storage items.

· When loaded, the racks can be moved with the product on them to work stations or production lines. This will reduce labor costs, handling time, and manpower.

· Can store the product directly on the rack. The base of the rack will act as a pallet, which in turn will eliminate the cost of pallets.

· Stack racks can be used as a shipping rack, which would greatly reduce costly shipping damage.

· Stack racks can be customized to fit around your product.

· Stack racks and be disassembled and stored within a very small area of your warehouse.
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