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How to keep safety for your warehouse?

How to keep safety for your warehouse?

Dec 11,2020
1. Safety

No matter which pallet you choose, the usage totally is for warehouse storage for your pallet racking shelving system.

As we all know, the most dangerous for the warehouse is fire. Most fire accident has happened in the warehouse. The wooden pallet will accelerate the fire and risk.

For wire mesh decking, you won't worry about such a problem. Its material is metal. The ignition point is higher than wood. It can protect your goods in the warehouse to be broken when fire.

2. Product lifetime

Wood is easily broken by a crash. When it is wet by water or other liquid, for a long time not dry by wind, it will be rot. Metal is strong. When it is shaped by a machine, it won't easily change by outside crash or weather or else. It also can do outside protection by zinc coating or powder coating to prolong its lifetime. It is more durable than a wooden pallet.

3. Loading capacity

You can clearly see these two kinds of pallet application shelving.

For the wooden pallet, the loading capacity all transfers to the beam of the racking, with no strength in the middle of the pallet rack.

For the wire mesh deck, we can use different designs to support different loading capacities.
U shaped channel for step beam; F shaped channel (also called omega-shaped in Europe market) can widely be used in both step beam and box beam. If you want to avoid the dust, both these two designs can do “inverted”. We can change the loading capacity by using different quantities and thicknesses of the channel.
It is more flexible to use decking.

4. Environment

With the increased temperature of the weather, the earth is becoming warmer and warmer. We should do something to prevent every activity to protect our environment. Where does the wood from? Of course, from the tree. Trees are our good friends. It can help us to prevent the heavy rainstorm; help us make a green world; clean the air. Why we cut it down to make a wooden pallet? It is not what we should do.

To protect our environment is the responsibility of all human beings, no matter what you do, where you are.
Hope you can make a better choice after reading it!
Thank you!
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