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How To Choice Hot & Cold Galvanizing for Roll Container

How To Choice Hot & Cold Galvanizing for Roll Container

Nov 27,2020

Galvanizing is an important process that keeps the containers free from rusting and corrosion. Hence, it is extremely important for a warehouse owner to buy a product that is galvanized properly.


Rolling containers are widely being used by different industries. These have helped industries to do their logistic management at a faster pace. Leading manufacturers have introduced the option of both hot-galvanized roll containers and cold-galvanized rolling containers.

Hence, many owners find it difficult to choose between the one. So, here we will know briefly about the galvanization process and their dominance on the container quality which will help you in making a fair decision between the two. Let us have a look:

What is Galvanization:

Galvanization is a process where the metal is coated with a zinc layer that prevents the metal surface from getting rusted. Warehouse roller containers if getting rusted can cause damage to the goods stored inside degrading their quality.

Hence, it is important to choose a properly galvanized roll container. Talking about the process of galvanizing it is broad of two types: Hot Galvanizing & Cold Galvanizing

1. Hot Galvanizing:

As the name suggests in the hot galvanizing process the metal is coated with a zinc layer at high temperatures of around 500C. This makes the zinc layer make a tight bond with the metal surface.

The metal is then coated with a thick layer of zinc which is free from corrosion and rusting. Hot galvanizing tends to protect the metal surface for about 8 years.

2. Cold Galvanizing:

In this process instead of creating a zinc coating at high temperatures, the process of electrolysis is used that coats the metal with a thin layer of zinc. The outer surface becomes bright and shiny.

But in comparison to hot galvanizing, the thin coating here protects the metal surface from rusting for usually a year or two.

Making the Tough Decision:

Now, any time one has to choose between the two it should depend on the usage of the roll containers. To be precise if you would be using the container as a warehouse cage trolley that will be used only indoors then cold galvanizing is a better option.

On the other hand, for bulky outdoor usage roller containers and nestable roll containers, it is preferred to go for hot-galvanized containers. This will keep the container protected from harsh temperatures and climatic conditions.

Hence, depending on the use of the container along with the time span for which you will need the container to make a decision.

So, now as you know the difference between the two and the way the process works making a decision would be easier. If still, you have any doubts about buying the container with the right galvanizing process you could always take the advice of your manufacturer.

The leading nestable roll containers suppliers like us will always be happy to help.

So, get the perfect container and ensure that rusting never knocks the door of your warehouse. For any queries please feel free to reach us.

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