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Why Did Coca - cola Choose To Cooperate With Us

Why Did Coca - cola Choose To Cooperate With Us

Oct 23,2020

Our company has provided over 20000 sets of metal cage products for coca-cola group and won high praise from all customers. How do we work with big companies like Coca-Cola? how do we get the order of 10000 units at one time? how do we do bulk orders with zero complaints?

Our manufacturing experiences of security facilities, material handling equipment & welded wire mesh products. We are the global leader and supplier of world-class storage and logistics equipment. With over 10 product lines and hundred items, including stillages, roll pallets and wire mesh containers, wire mesh decking, nestainer, and so on. Supplying some of the world’s largest retail and logistics companies, manufacture and export to over 90 countries annually.

We specialized in designing warehouse systems that maximize productivity and operational efficiency. We have ability to solve facility material handling and storage problems. We add values by offering the following solutions: Warehouse storage system relocation, expansion, and integration during times of growth or restructuring for manufacturing & distribution facilities. Creative design build solutions including space planning, application engineering, building permits. Our brand stands for innovative storage technology. As one of the few single service providers in its field, in China, our company supplies shelving, container, decking, and nestainer for all industries, supported directly from our 7 sales. With a 4 weeks delivery service. We are an internationally active industrial firm, currently with more than 1,000 customers, and we are one of the market leaders in China, As a traditional, medium-sized family business, we are active worldwide but remain close to our home in location and in spirit. Ever since the company was founded in 1993, our company headquarters - including our head office and our development and production facilities - has been anchored in our home region.


Storage racks are professionally designed for any configuration and application. We will provide you with the highest quality and safest storage racks and shelves in the market at very competitive price. Our stacking rack is surtable for fabric storage, box storage, furniture storage…


1.Wire mesh decking allows for quicker activation and more effective penetration.

2.Meets stringent new fire and insurance requirements.

3.Complies with FM Global specification for ESFR sprinklers with open shelving.

4.Greater than 70% open area-NFPA13 compliant.


Collapsible steel pallet are the clear choice for better bulk material handling. Wire baskets are hard working, returnable container systems that deliver high visibility savings. Handle, transport and store bulk parts and material the easy way. These tough, welded wire containers provide quick content identification, promote better material flow, and more efficient stock control. Lowest priced, stackable, collapsible, rust resistant galvanized wire baskets and shipping containers are durable, portable, stackable and shippable. They come standard with a half drop gate on the long side for easy access, they reduce costly product damage associated with bulk stacking, they offer better space utilization, product identification and easier material handling. Collapsible wire cage, also names as wire mesh basket or wire mesh cage is an essential and flexible unit for material handling and storage. It's lightweight yet can hold up to 2000kgs. durable yet low cost, can be used for a multitude of tasks yet is virtually maintenance free.

- Design

Our technician can help you configure your space for maximum operational efficiency and adaptability. We can design your entire warehouse project or help you fine-tune an existing plan to obtain maximum cubic space, quick throughput and good stock rotation. Our design will strike a good synergy between space utilization and material handling equipment.


– Features

• Built to last a lifetime

• Provide maximum cubic space

• Easily customized to your needs

• Designed to meet a variety of heavy-duty applications

• Meet your capacity and durability needs, and are stronger with increased column rigidity and impact resistance

Unique Rack Characteristics

• Detachable foot plate to save life of upright in case of rust

• MIG welding for main points, using robotic automation to allow for strength

• Powder coated finishing with 60-80μm to produce durable corrosion resistant finish

• Designed to meet a variety of heavy-duty applications


INSTALLATION- We have trained staff to send you install racks instruction exactly how you need it. We can help you select the warehouse storage systems that work for your business now and as your needs change, and make sure they are expertly installed for maximum efficiency.

DAMAGE REPLACEMENT --We inspect all our products and proceed to replace any damaged portion to extend the useful life of the racks.

COMPLIANCE INSPECTIONS We undertake quality control checks on behalf of our clients to ensure design and material compliance.

WAREHOUSE SIGNAGE--We also provide warehouse identification products such as rack labels, hanging signs, warehouse label, aisle markers, floor marking and labels and other 5S signs. These allow for good warehouse identification, safety, direction and information.


Periodic Stock Taking Exercise--Stock-taking or inventory checking is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock valuation. It is also the source of stock discrepancy information.


Stock-taking may be performed as an intensive annual check or may be done continuously by means of a cycle count.

If the space is particularly large and colleagues only inhabit certain areas, our material handling products can be an effective way of reducing costs.


Whether you're a small, medium or large facility, space, time, and labor are at a premium. As technology evolves, it can be easy to see the advantages of using semi- and fully automated solutions to increase productivity and address the labor shortage.


An optimized warehouse creates more space for product, increases workforce productivity and leverages lift trucks for the best suitable task - all of which, ultimately, drives cost savings that can then be used to invest in automation.

We know the material handling industry already faces a workforce challenge, both in finding good workers and training them. Without a specific plan or coordinated effort, these problems will only get worse in the future.

To combat these challenges, our products can help build expertise, increase learning retention and improve the efficiency of your current or potential warehouse workers. Our intelligent technology solutions allow you to optimize your operations and better utilize your resources while reducing costs.

Designed with the industry’s most comprehensive range of capabilities, we can help you better manage equipment, powered industrial vehicles, and operators.


On average, labor accounts for 74% of warehouse operating costs, but what if you didn't have to worry about that?

When correctly applied and effectively utilized, material handling systems can save time and money in warehousing and distribution operations. Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing warehouse, a distribution center, or managing inventory in your retail backroom, being well-connected and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes at all times is crucial to having an integrated, productive, profitable, and compliant supply chain.Our storage solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.

Our products are of international standards and our clients are therefore assured of high product quality, durability as well as timely, attentive and reliable service. Our aim is to provide clients with a cost effective and well-designed storage solution according to their requirements and ensure their needs are met accordingly in the shortest span of time possible. We take enormous pride in our products quality, excellent customer service, efficient delivery, and reliable execution of projects of any magnitude. We believe in engaging with our clients on the execution of projects from inception, delivery, installation through to completion by walking hand in hand and fully understanding the requirements relevant to their businesses to fulfill them to the best of our capabilities.


Our principal business continues to revolve around Industrial Property Development and Ownership, as well as Storage Equipment & Material Handling. Our ownership of two factories has allowed our companies to maintain a strong financial position within their specialist areas, and with this strength and market, presence has come our ability to enter into demanding contracts with many household name companies within the retail and logistics sector of the market place. Going forward we want to be the most positive and innovative company operating within our key business areas, and to that end have taken sales positions. As a company, we are committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism within our companies and will continue to invest in the latest I.T. and company aids available to ensure that we maintain our strong position. With our Head Office and Production Facilities based in the DALIAN CHINA, which has become a core area for the distribution & logistics operations of a large percentage of china companies, we are well placed to assist with the further development of the all over the world Storage Industry.


Our company provides customers with turn-key solutions to material handling needs. Specializing in buying and selling material handling equipment, our experienced sales representatives are constantly working to find the solutions to best fit our customer's individual needs. With a 30000 sq. ft. factory, all materials are stored inside and away from the elements, ensuring that the integrity of our products is maintained. With a wide range of capabilities and solutions, jobs of all sizes are a possibility. We have completed jobs where warehouse sizes have ranged from 2,000 sq. ft. to over two million. From warehouse designs and re-configurations to sales of material handling equipment, professional installation, and our buyback program- PRODUCTS offers a wide range of products and services. Expand your range, improve space efficiency, or custom-build a whole new warehouse and distribution center – We can design and deliver a storage system to suit your exact needs. A well-designed warehouse storage system maximization valuable warehouse space, and minimize the cost of stock handling. Effective warehouse storage solutions improve storage density, increasing access, efficiency, and selectivity. Our end-to-end service includes consenting, supply, and maintenance – so you can be sure your products are safe for staff and supports the success of your business.

Our company is a trusted business partner, moving forward confidently toward its goals with superior technological capabilities and preferred by many customers. Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner by preparing projects that are worthy of our credibility in the sector. Our company has adopted the principle of continuous growth through its projects that are developed and completed by employing employees in modern technology sensitive to public health and the environment by ensuring job security.

In a short period of time, we have grown rapidly and became stable as we took our place among the respected and reliable establishments in storage sectors, as Our company serves vital importance to operations in storage Systems. After we design our products which are transferred from the unit to the tests unit, final approval is made at the headquarters. Our company values are honesty, reliability, which take the same responsibility with the customer; we guarantee our customer satisfaction by providing consistent, efficient, stable, and beneficial.

If you have any metal products inquiry, pls contact us in time.

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