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Ten Designs About Wire Mesh Containers

Ten Designs About Wire Mesh Containers

Jun 9,2020

The wire mesh container is one of a very important types of logistics container in storage and transportation.  With advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, easy inventory, etc., and also improve the effective utilization of storage space. We mainly produces two types of storage cages, one is the JP & USA type (model W series) and the other is the EU type (model F series); Asian countries & North America prefer the W series, and Europe and the  Africa country prefer the F series; These two types of cage appearance are very different, but some designs are identical. Let's take the W series cage as an example to make a detailed description. Do you know the following designs?

A. Common Design

1. I.D. plates

Some well-known enterprises or large-scale buyers will choose to add their brand when buying products, with logos or company names or product models on it. On the one hand, it is recognizable, which can unify the company's image; on the other hand, it can play the role of promoting corporate characteristics. People will order or purchase products through the information conveyed by the logo. The sign is usually welded in front of the mesh. Some customers will also choose to print relevant information on the position of the bottom leg. Of course, if you don't have the above two requirements, then you don't need an ID plate.

2. Wheels

Wheels are one of the most common designs. Add 4 wheels to the bottom of the cage to improve transportation efficiency. Generally, there are two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels with brake. The storage cage with this structure is convenient for turnover, and in some specific environments, if the bottom of the storage cage has high requirements or it is forbidden to scratch the ground of the warehouse, etc. , So mobile storage cage has become the first choice. Wheel size is generally 5 inches. However, the carrying capacity of the mobile storage cage is not as good as that of the fixed storage cage, and long-term turnover may damage the wheels. Therefore, we must protect the wheels and reduce violent use. When choosing a supplier, you need to pay attention to whether the material of the wheels meets the requirements.

Note: The design of the wheel and the bottom leg do not conflict, you can choose one of these designs, or add both designs.

3. Top Cover

The top cover is also one of the most common designs. With top cover, the cage will be security & lockable, prevent items from being scattered and store things more safely; The top lid is removable when not in need if connected with a hinge. And the lid is fixed with the cage if connected with clips, That can be base on your requirements.

4. PP Sheet

PP sheet is a semi-crystalline material: lightweight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, and rich in color. There are two types—solid and hollow. Hollow PP sheet is lightweight and environmentally friendly and is a popular new material on the market. Compared with cardboard structure products, the hollow sheet has advantages such as moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Some customers will choose to add PP sheet, on the one hand, it can prevent small objects from falling off the grid, on the other hand, can also increase the protection of objects. widely used in the PET preform industry.

We currently using the latest PP material, the thickness of the solid PP plate is between 0.8mm to 2mm, and the thickness of the hollow plate is between 2mm to 4.5mm.

B. Special Design

1. Forklift Guide

There are two types of forklift guides, one is the 4- pcs small-angle type and the other is the 2 pcs long Guide type. The 4 pcs- angle type uses less material and is welded with 4 small channels on the base, which is light in weight; The long type is welded on the base with 2 large channels, which is heavier. They are generally used with handling machineries, such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage with forklifts, elevators, hydraulic pallet trucks and other equipment to improve handling efficiency. If the load- capacity is light, you can choose the four-small type. If the load-  capacity is heavy, it is recommended to choose the long-length type. The transportation will be more stable. meanwhile ,With long Guide, It's very safe and convenient to turn over the cage.

2. Runner Bar

There are two advantages to add the bar runner. With the bar runner, the cage can be sitting on the racking systems very safely. When stacking, originally 4 bottom legs were placed on the mesh, now there are not only 4 bottom legs, but also 2 support plates, which increase the support strength of the mesh and can play a more stable role.

3. Divider

Due to storage needs, some customers will choose to add a mesh inside the cage. On the one hand, the product can be fixed with the divider, on the other hand, the product can be better classified. The divider can be added horizontally or vertically. The size can be customized.

4. Swing Loop

The swing loops are generally welded at the four corners above the cage. The storage cage can be moved by forklift or pulled by crane. The design of the lifting ring is matched with the crane, which is widely used in the heavy industry.

5. U Frame support

U frame support welding on the foot. When the cage is folded and then stacked, instead of stacking directly on the mesh, but to stack on the U frame support to avoid deformation of the mesh and reduce damage. This design is very workable and extends the service life of the storage cage to a certain extent.

6. Stiffener

The stiffener is essentially steel wire, which is usually cross-welded on the back or side, which can strengthen the toughness of the cage and make the mesh surface stronger and less deformable.

The above describes the top ten designs of cages, do you understand them? Each design is to make better use of products. We are committed to helping every customer to organize the warehouse efficiently. We have been constantly meeting the customers' needs, if you have any demand for material handling equipment, pls feel free to contact us.

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