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How To Use Storage Cage Safely

How To Use Storage Cage Safely

May 7,2020
How To Use Storage Cage Safely

Storage cage have long been widely used in many countries. It began to be used around the 1950s and gradually expanded to other countries. So far, after continuous improvement, it has been gradually improved. With the rising labor cost and people's more and more understanding of various applications of warehouse cages, it will be used more and more widely. Taking Japan as an example, in addition to being widely used in manufacturing, supermarkets, logistics distribution centers, three-dimensional warehouses, packaging and transportation, and other fields, wire mesh cages are also widely used in agriculture and fishery, which greatly improves labor productivity.


The cage is made of welded steel wire, can be stacked four layers, high strength can complete the three-dimensional storage. In the process of use, the staff must master safety knowledge, otherwise, there will be some unnecessary troubles, so what aspects should we pay attention to when using the storage cage?


1. Wear gloves when handling

During the assembly of the steel cage, it is necessary to check whether the bottom U-shaped bend is embedded in the U-shaped groove. Because it is a rough iron product, the staff must be careful when handling it manually. We can wear gloves to avoid pinching and scratching.


2. Avoid super height

The height of the wire mesh container and the height of the stacking are fixed. When loading the stack, the staff must confirm that the foot cup has been securely stuck on the mesh of the next cage, and pay attention to the distance of the anti-slip buckle. The storage cages must be operated one by one when they are stacked, and they cannot be stacked together at the same time. Another point is that if it is not a custom-made cage with a lifting ring, it cannot be operated with a crane. 


3. Add PP sheet or cardboard

The warehouse cage opens the door bolt, and the upper folding door can be placed to place items, but in the case of a certain size of the cage, the size and weight of the stored items depend on the specifications of the metal cage (wire thickness, bottom plate U-shaped groove thickness and net Grid density). Some objects that cannot be scratched or are easily scratched on the surface (such as some plastic parts, sheet metal parts after surface coating, etc.) can also be stored in a wire mesh cage, but PP boards or cardboard must be added to the inner wall of the storage cage. Protect objects from harm. 


4. Eliminate overloading

Each layer of storage cages has a certain load force, and the storage weight of the second layer of metal cages should not exceed the bottom layer. Place heavy objects on the bottom and lighter on the top, otherwise, the cage will deform or even collapse. When placing items into the cage, considering the size of the upper storage cage legs when stacking, the best height for storing items should be 3cm below the edge of the storage cage. It is strictly forbidden to store the items above the edge of the storage cage. Otherwise, when the forklift is moving the cage, the items in the cage below will be damaged. 


5. Avoid shock

When handling equipment such as forklifts, be careful not to hit the storage cage.


6. Eliminate illegal operations

Especially when accessing goods, it is forbidden for workers to stand by the cage to avoid danger. Keep away from them.


The purpose of the wire mesh cage is to store the goods and the turnover of the goods. Especially for heavy duty cages, generally speaking, the weight of the goods it stores is relatively heavy. The storage and retrieval process requires auxiliary applications such as forklifts. If improperly operated, the storage cage will be damaged, and even safety accidents such as collapse will occur. Therefore, the workers operating in the warehouse must not only learn how to manage the wire cage but also pay attention to their safety.

The above is all about the safe use of storage cages, I hope to help everyone. Our quality is reliable, the technology is strong, and the price is reasonable. If you need storage cages, please contact our customer service staff on time. We will provide you with quality service and welcome to cooperate with us.

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