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All you Need to Know About Different Kinds of Stillage Container

All you Need to Know About Different Kinds of Stillage Container

Apr 20,2020

Before we use any kind of storage container or cage in our warehouse it is good to know about it. Understanding the basic functionalities, uses and benefits help in exhibiting better use of the particular storage container. Metal stillage is one of the most widely used containers.

The wide range of benefits associated with them has led to their huge popularity. Hence, knowing more about these classic containers and cages would certainly help you to improve your warehouse performance.

Leading suppliers like our's wires here come with a quick introduction of different kinds of stillage containers. So, let us develop our understanding regarding the same:

What is A Hot Dip Zinc Stillage?

A Hot Dip Zinc Stillage is a kind of storage container that helps inefficient storage of goods and commodities in the warehouse. It provides support to goods from sides and helps in storing them off the ground with ease and protection.

A hot-dip zinc stillage is a special kind of container galvanized in hot zinc which prevents it from rusting and corrosion. This further ensures a safe and secured storage of goods and also prevents them from damage.

What is A Powder Coated Stillage?

Power Coated Stillage is covered with a flat and bright permanent coating on the surface to achieve the purpose of decoration and anti-corrosion. The colors of paints are various, and the appropriate color can be selected according to the product. In order to give full play to the performance of the powder coating and extend the service life of the coating film, the surface of the broken coating must be strictly pre-treated.

The support walls of a stillage ensure that the goods and commodities do not fall of. It allows their systematic arrangement. So, moving on let us know more about these by understanding the different kinds of these containers available in the market.

Different Kinds & Applications of Stillage

A Secured Storage in Glass Industry

As discussed earlier we have seen that with the help of stillages it is possible to provide good support to goods and commodities stored inside and protect them from any kind of damage. Hence, these prove to be of immense importance in the glass industry. One of the most commonly used types of stillage in the glass industry is the frame stillage. This helps in the efficient storage of glass frames and ensures that they are provided with complete safety and security. Lockable pallet cages although are different from stillages is another good solution for the glass industry. Well, let us know more about these different kinds of stillages.

Stillages for Transportation

It has been discovered that stillages could be highly useful for safe and secured transportation by just adding wheels to them. Adding wheels helps in easy movement of stillages and thus of the goods accommodated inside. Most commonly castor wheels are added to them for easy movement. This is another common variation of stillage containers widely used.

Customizable Options

For meeting the specific warehouse demands suppliers and manufacturers like we have come up with the option of customizable options. Hence, apart from the different range of stillages already available in the market one could also get their special custom-designed stillage container.

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