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Heavy duty stillages & post pallets

Heavy duty stillages & post pallets

Jun 26,2018
Heavy duty stillages & post pallets
We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying heavy-duty metal pallets, stillages and bespoke storage solutions for nearly 8 years. All products are manufactured to the highest quality. They will stand up to the daily demands of industrial and commercial environments.

Pallets, stillages, pallet racking and other storage equipment, can be made to order to meet your own requirements. Our products are ideal for businesses with more unusual storage needs. Both standard sizes and customized designs are available. Our aim is to supply material handling solutions with Our products best suited to each customers needs. Pick up the phone…. Call us now… +86-15040608276

What is a stillage?

Stillage is a generic term and for us it encompasses Box Pallets, steel stillages with sheet steel or solid sides, Cage Pallets, metal pallets with mesh sides, Post Pallets without sides but with stacking posts and Steel Pallets, a more durable alternative to the trusty timber pallet.

Heavy duty storage solutions

Cage pallets and stillages, steel, mesh sides

Box pallets and stillages, steel, solid sheet sides

Post pallets, steel pallets, steel

Pallet feet and pallet accessories

Roll pallets and Roll Containers and cages

cage pallet
post pallet
roll container
Custom Post Pallets & Other Storage Items

We design post pallets scheme to meet specific applications and working environments. We specialize in the design of bespoke storage containers to accommodate unusual storage items. By investing in made-to-measure storage solutions, you can make best use of your available space and improve productivity as a result. All products are made to high standards from durable raw materials ensuring that you are ordering the very best products to meet the demands of your own workplace.

If you would like a product designed to suit your specific needs, E-mail us sales@ystpak.com to discuss your requirements directly or visit our website to view more details.

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