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A Guide To Finding Favored Cage Pallet On The Market

A Guide To Finding Favored Cage Pallet On The Market

Dec 11,2017

First off, you have to consider what is essential for you. Does the cage have to be foldable or stackable, where will you put it, and how heavy are the goods you will be storing?


One of the most important things to think about before purchasing a cage pallet is what you will be storing. This matters because you have to choose a model that can hold the load properly. For example, if you’re a manufacturer storing small parts, a lighter duty cage will be able to fulfill your needs, and kg capacity will unlikely be a concern of yours. If however, you are keeping boxed goods that weigh a significant amount on their own, then a heavy-duty model is probably worth considering. Sometimes you might see them advertised by simply stating their duty type, which is vague, to say the least, this can result in over-buying, or in some cases under-buying if you’re unsure. Check the specifications for the actual load capacity, but here is a rough estimate of the duty types:

Light Duty: 300kg

Standard/Medium Duty: 600kg

Heavy Duty: 1200kg +


Cage pallets are sometimes compared to shelving because they effectively do the same thing, store goods. Except the main difference is that with shelving you can’t enclose items which means that yes goods are accessible at all times, but also they can fall out. or worse get damaged. One way they’re primarily the same is stacking ability, with bays of shelving it’s the number of shelf levels, and with these, it’s simply ‘are they stackable or not?’ The majority of them are, but make sure to check. If you have a large warehouse at your disposal, then it’s unlikely you’ll want to waste all the floor space with single cages if there is an option to stack.

Stackable: Yes or No


Depending on your area of business; will you be using them all the time? Are you looking to save space wherever you can, meaning you’ve emptied all the stock and don’t need the cage for a while? Does it have to stay there or can it be collapsed and moved on? Where space is an ongoing problem (as it usually is) making sure you know the answer to this one could prove vital.

Collapsible: Yes or No


How are you gaining access to the goods stored inside? If you’re only having storage on floor level then accessibility shouldn’t be an issue with regards to whether you reach in over the top or if there’s a half drop-gate, however if you’re stacking cages then a drop gate will be vital.

Drop Gate: Yes or No

A recap of our checklist of points to consider when shopping for cage pallets:

  • Capacity – Light, Medium, or Heavy
  • Stackable – Yes or No
  • Collapsible – Yes or No
  • Drop Gate – Yes or No

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