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How To Extend The Service Life of Post Pallet Racking


    How To Extend The Service Life of Post Pallet Racking

    Update Time:2021/11/5

    With the development of modern logistics technology, the utilization rate of post pallet racks is getting higher and higher. Warehouse racks are storage equipment, based on packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management of the six basic functions of logistics. Storage metal rack pallet do not need to pay attention to the appearance of products like other products, but the use time of racks has gradually become a concern for consumers. Many factors in the use process will affect the duration of its use, such as the temperature, humidity, light, ventilation conditions of the warehouse. If the humidity in the warehouse is too high, it will cause the racks to rust, reduce the load-bearing capacity of the racks, and reduce the service life. Therefore, extending the service life of racks is inseparable from daily basic maintenance. Many times we have problems with buying racks soon, such as rust, scratches, deformation, etc. The racks are largely unmaintained during use, what should we do? 

    First of all, we must make daily checks

    1. Check the usage and depreciation of the racks

    2. Check whether the uprights and feet are deformed or damaged

    3. Check whether the rack surface is rusty

    How to maintain storage post racking

    1. Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rust. Properly ventilate in time to keep the warehouse from excessive humidity. Although the racks are metal products, and the surface has powder coated or zinc galvanized, but after being exposed to moisture, they may rust for a long time, which will affect the service life. If a wooden board is placed on the bottom, the part near the window is susceptible to rain, and the wooden board will be deformed and lifted after the rain. Therefore, drainage and dehumidification should be carried out frequently.

    2. Install the anti-collision column. The role of collision protection is very important. The vulnerable parts of the racks are the pillars in the aisles and corners, which are usually deformed by forklift collisions. A set of anti-collision columns should be equipped according to different shelves, aisle widths, and transportation tools. Install anti-collision guardrails in the aisles. Besides, daily inspections should be done, and any loose screws should be fixed in time.

    3. Prevent excessive load-bearing. The racks of different specifications are designed and manufactured according to the load-bearing. Therefore, the weight of the goods placed on the rack must be within the weight that the rack can bear. Warehouse cargo managers should make load-bearing and load-limiting signs on the racks. We must follow the principle of putting heavyweight on the bottom of the rack, that is, placing heavy objects on the bottom and light objects on the upper floors.

    4. It is stipulated that special people use push cars. Heavy-duty and high-rise rack warehouses must be equipped with a power pusher. Since most of the warehouse rack columns are hit and deformed due to the use of non-designated personnel using the pusher truck, the use and operation control of the pusher truck must be operated by professional technicians.

    5. Handle with care during cargo handling to avoid hitting the racks.

    6. Establish rules and regulations for use. Different warehouses and different goods have different methods of use. Warehouse managers must formulate rack usage regulations so that workers can learn and comply with it to ensure the safe use and longevity of the rack.

    In short, we must always pay attention to maintenance, list a regular maintenance plan, and make a record, if there is a problem, we must quickly resolve it. If you encounter some small problems in the process of usual use, the warehouse maintenance personnel can solve it by yourself. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, you can repair and repair by contacting the original manufacturer of the rack. The rack can be disassembled when not used for a long time, which is conducive to the preservation and maintenance of the rack.

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