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How to Assemble Pallet Rack


    How to Assemble Pallet Rack

    Update Time:2021/11/5

    Pallet Rack Installation: Part 1

    Once you have all of your measurements and parts ready, it’s time to begin the installation! To install a standalone bay of selective teardrop pallet rack, you will need your two frames, four beams, as well as wire decks or safety bars on hand. One person should start by grabbing one of the upright frames and planting it roughly where it will stay once in use. The first beam to be installed will be the bottom rear beam. The second person will grab the beam, while the first person assists by inserting the beam into the correct punch hole in frame. Then, while the second person is still holding the beam, the first person should insert the other side of the beam into the opposing upright frame. This is what step one should look like:

    Pallet Rack Installation: Part 2

    Once the first beam is fully inserted, both individuals can grab the second beam, which will be the top rear beam. This beam will be installed above the beam that was first installed. With beam levels previously determined, the individuals will know which holes the beam needs to be inserted to. Now that the bay can stand on its own, the two installers can install the top rear beam into the two frames together. Make sure the beam is tightly secured to each frame. This is what you should end up with:

    Pallet Rack Installation: Part 3

    After the rear two beams have been successfully installed, it is time to install the front two beams. This process will be almost identical to the last, but with the top front beam being installed first. Both individuals should grab the next beam and insert it it into he top front beam level. This should be at the same exact level as the top rear beam level. Again, on both sides ensure that the beam is fully inserted into both upright frames. Take a look what this should look like:

    Pallet Rack Installation: Part 4

    Now you’re on to your fourth and final beam installation. This step will be similar to the previous steps. Have both individuals grab the last beam, and insert it into the bottom front section of the racking. This should be at the same beam level as the bottom rear beam. Have the individual on each side securely attach the beam to the corresponding upright frame. The finished product should look something like this:

    Wire Deck Installation

    Now, you have installed your racking you just need to add your wire decking. You should have 4 wire decks that correctly fit into the size racking that you chose. Two wire decks will fit on each beam level. On two sides of the wire decks, there will be a small lip or overhang. These two areas will fit over the front and back beams. See one wire deck in place here:

    Although a standalone pallet rack bay only requires frames, beams and wire decking there are many pallet rack accessories available. Some of these accessories include: column protectors that protect your racking from forklift impact, row spacers to connect back-to-back racking, safety bars that take place of wire decks, and many more. But, one of the most important and simple accessories that every pallet rack system should have is safety clips. The most common, the Universal Safety Drop Pin can be installed in any pallet rack system. The purpose of this clip is to protect and keep your racking intact if a forklift were to hit the system.

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